Nandobears Thunder & Lightning

Nandobears Thunder & Lightning aka’ ”Thor”


We can not with words express our thanks to Nicole and Frank Kastner for letting us bring this treasure to Sweden. I loved and dreamed about his father Lucas, and thinking he was out of reach. And now his precious son will hopefully bring our breeding of white/blacks to new heights. Life brings so many surprises, so many dreams and so much hope.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! ❤

In co-own with: Lena Hedlund, Yalatkits Newfoundlands

Born: 2020-02-26
HD: too young  ED: too young  Heart: Clear   Cystinuri: Clear (by parents), Patella: too young, Eyes: too young

e: Legacys Sir Lucan of Camelot ”Lucas”
(AM-Grand-Ch (Bronze), AM-Top17 2013)
HD: Good  ED: Normal  Heart: Clear (doppler)  Cystinuri: Clear,
Patella: Free, Eyes: Clear, Thyroid: Normal)
e. Kilykas Fireside Black Fire (HD: A/A E/D: 0/0, Heart: Clear, Cystinuri: Carrier)
u. Kilykas Legacys Kendra Tempest (HD: Good, ED: Normal, Heart: Clear,
Cystinuri: clear, Patella: Normal )

u: Nandobears I am Sexy And I Know It  ”Sookie”
(DNK/VDH-Jgd-Ch, BS-Jgd 16, ES 17, WW 2017, NL-W-17, INT/ NL/VDH/VND-Ch, BS 2019, Herbst-Sg 2019)
HD: A/A,  ED: 0/0,  Heart: Clear (doppler),  Cystinuri: Free
e. Bellissimo Vom Versetal  (HD: A/A, ED: 0/0, Heart: Clear (doppler), Cystinuri: carrier)
u. Deep Love Fiona  (HD: 4/4-8,  ED: 0/0)

Pictures of  Nandobears T-litter from 6,5 to 12 weeks

Pictures of  Nandobears T-litter from 1 to 5 weeks old

Pictures of his parents