Månadsarkiv: februari 2012

New pics of Kenai

We got some new pics of Kenai, Krambjörnen’s Eye Of the Tiger, 20 months old, after his groomingsession with professional groomer Marcel Davids. Especially love the pics from the beach the day after grooming. Thanks to family Van Dijk for the beautiful photos of your boy.

New photos

Krambjörnen's Hey Soul Sister, 5 months and 3 weeks old.

So happy when we get photos of our puppies in their natural life, playing and having fun as well as cosy pics from the sofa =)) Here is Trulte, she also has her new page where we will update with new pics as she is growing.
She is owned by Inger Cecilie Grønnerød, Kamperhaugbamsens kennel in Norway. You’ll find their link at the bottom of our page. =)

Another great day

Krambjörnen’s Moment Of Truth ”Robin”, out of Seabrooks Cruising On route 66 x Krambjörnen’s Philosophia got his official x-ray, and the result is
HD:AA  ED:00

Krambjörnen’s Light My Fire

New pics of our big baby ”Cocos” at age 5 months and 4 days. Cocos just moved in with his new family, joining his big halfbrother Bison (Krambjörnen’s Rising Up)
We wish them lots of luck in the future ♥