Mississippi-Missouri Twilight Sun

Mississippi-Missouri Twilight Sun  ”Alice”

Alice quietly passed away in her coowners arms without warning, only 6 years old. She is greatly missed.

Born: 2014-02-26

HD: A/A  ED: 1/2  Cystinuria: free (by parents) Heart: clear (doppler 2016-03-08)  Color: black

e. Gold Coasts Jeffery at Mississippi-Missouri
HD: A/B  ED: 0/0  Heart: clear Cystinuria: free
e. Pouch Cove Head Of State (HD: Good, ED: normal, Heart: clear)
u. Mississippi-Missouri Gea Midnight Lady (HD: A/A, ED: 0/0, Heart: clear, Cystinuria: carrier)

u. Mississippi-Missouri of My Heart
HD: A/A   ED: 0/0   Heart: clear   Cystinuria: free
e. Seabrook’s Best Man at Pouch Cove (HD: Fair, ED: Normal, Heart: clear)
u. Midnight Lady’s Best By Misssissippi-Missouri (HD: A/A, ED: 0/0, Heart: Clear, Cystinuria: free)


Alice hips and elbows:


Her father Jeffrey at 3 years:

Her mother Elizabeth, 2 years:



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