Krambjörnen’s This Girl Is On Fire

Krambjörnen’s This Girl Is On Fire aka’ Cocos

Cocos 3 months

Born: 2019-12-07

HD: too young ED: too young, Heart: Clear (doppler), Cystinuri: Clear (by parents)
Patella: too young, Eyes: too young
INDEX: HD: 110 ED: 94
Inbreeding: 0%

e: Deep Love Ladie’s Man at Newetta
HD: A/A  ED: 0/0  Heart: Clear (doppler)  Cystinuri: Clear)
e. Cayuga Casanova Of Bonaventura (HD: A/A E/D: 0/0, Heart: Clear (doppler), Cystinuri: Carrier)
u. Deep Love Frozen Way (HD: A/A, ED: 0/0, Heart: Clear (doppler), Cystinuri: clear)

u: Krambjörnen’s Heaven’s On Fire
HD: A/A,  ED: 0/3, Patella: 0/0, Heart: Clear (doppler),  Cystinuri: Free,
e. Grandbear Wow Hot Incognito (HD: A/A, ED: 0/2, Heart: Clear (doppler),
Cystinuri: free (dna)
u. Krambjörnen’s Fire Up My Dreams  (HD: A/A, ED: 0/1, Heart: Clear (doppler))

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Cocos och Panda tillsammans