Could It Be Magic del Basaburua

One of our latest additions to the crew is Maggie, she is out of Kosmo and Nena.
Nena is the littersister of the well known Nacho, Good As Gold del Basaburua.
She is another dream come true for us, can’t thank you enough Angel and Patricia for this wonderful girl and for your hospitality and friendship.
Maggie is coowned with Patricia Melara, del Basaburua Newfoundlands in Spain. Thank you so much for trusting us with this precious girl.
Maggie also has a super temperament, always happy, playful and eager to please.

We tragically lost our precious girl to pyometra only 7,5 years old. I have no words to express the loss of our sweet Maggie Moo. 😦

Born: 2011-11-02  Color: Black (rec. w/b, rec. grey)
Hips: A/A  Elbows: 0/0  Heart: Clear (doppler) Cystinuria: Clear

Father: Am Ch. Dreamtime For Shadows Eternity ”Kosmo”
Mother:  Gone With The Wind Anmalamual del Basaburua ”Nena”

3 years old

3 years old, if her tail looks funny it’s because she is constantly wagging it 😉

Maggie 3 years




Before grooming:


Maggie 2 years

Maggie in all natural stance, june 2014

Maggie in all natural stance, june 2014

Maggie 12 months


Here is a link to one of my favorite boys, Jackson. He is the fullbrother of Maggie and he lately became 2nd in a strong juniorclass of 17 at Crufts 2013. He is stunning, well done to the whole team.


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