Nandobears Thunder & Lightning

Nandobears Thunder & Lightning aka’ ”Thor”


We can not with words express our thanks to Nicole and Frank Kastner for letting us bring this treasure to Sweden. I loved and dreamed about his father Lucas, and thinking he was out of reach.  Life brings so many surprises, so many dreams and so much hope.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! ❤

In co-own with: Lena Hedlund, Yalatkits Newfoundlands

Born: 2020-02-26
HD: A/A  ED: 2/2  Heart: Clear Cystinuri: Clear (by parents), Patella: soon

e: Legacys Sir Lucan of Camelot ”Lucas”
(AM-Grand-Ch (Bronze), AM-Top17 2013)
HD: Good  ED: Normal  Heart: Clear (doppler)  Cystinuri: Clear,
Patella: Free, Eyes: Clear, Thyroid: Normal)
e. Kilykas Fireside Black Fire (HD: A/A E/D: 0/0, Heart: Clear, Cystinuri: Carrier)
u. Kilykas Legacys Kendra Tempest (HD: Good, ED: Normal, Heart: Clear,
Cystinuri: clear, Patella: Normal )

u: Nandobears I am Sexy And I Know It  ”Sookie”
(DNK/VDH-Jgd-Ch, BS-Jgd 16, ES 17, WW 2017, NL-W-17, INT/ NL/VDH/VND-Ch, BS 2019, Herbst-Sg 2019)
HD: A/A,  ED: 0/0,  Heart: Clear (doppler),  Cystinuri: Free
e. Bellissimo Vom Versetal  (HD: A/A, ED: 0/0, Heart: Clear (doppler), Cystinuri: carrier)
u. Deep Love Fiona  (HD: 4/4-8,  ED: 0/0)

Pictures of  Nandobears T-litter from 6,5 to 12 weeks

Pictures of  Nandobears T-litter from 1 to 5 weeks old

Pictures of his parents