Grandbear Wow Hot Incognito

Grandbear Wow Hot Incognito  ”Yoshi”


Yoshi 2 years

Thank you so much Veera Andronova (Grandbear Wow) for this lovely boy with a super temperament. We couldn’t be more pleased with him ❤

Born: 2015-04-02

HD: A/A  ED: 0/2  Heart: Clear by doppler   Cystinuri: not tested yet.

e: Midnight Lady’s Creme De La Creme Grandbear Wow, aka’ Ryan
HD: C/D  ED: 0/0  Heart: Clear  Cystinuri: Carrier
e. Numas First President At Thickish (HD: A/A E/D: 0/0, Heart: Clear, Cystinuri: Carrier)
u. Midnight Lady’s Guns ‘N Roses (Heart: Clear, Cystinuri: clear)
u: Bear’s Cove Latoya For Grandbear Wow,  aka’ Latoya
HD: A/A,  ED: 0/0,  Heart: Clear,  Cystinuri: Free
e. Ursinus Velutus El Fuego En Soul (HD: A/A, ED: 0/0, Heart: Clear, Cystinuri: Clear)
u. Bears Cove Ghost  (HD: B/B,  ED: 0/0,  Heart: Clear,  Cystinuri: Carrier)

Yoshi at 2 years (before grooming)

Photos of Yoshi   (Copyright: Veera Andronova)

Yoshis family: