Krambjörnen’s Stephanie Plum

Krambjörnen’s Stephanie Plum  ”Steffie”

Born: 2008-05-14

e. Ch. Krambjörnen’s Magic On A Carousel

u. Krambjörnen’s Olympia

HD: B  ED: 1  Heart: clear  Cystinuri: coming soon


Steffie is our daughter to Montoya and Olympia, we have high hopes for what Steffie will bring us in the future.

May 29 2011:
We brought Steffie to her first show with excellent result. She won the open class with CAC and went 4th best female. Many hours of grooming since she arrived at home in february, and this is the result =) Still some work before she is perfect our crown princess. We just love her to bits, her outstanding temperament and sweet character as well as construction is to die for in my opinion 😉

Steffie 3 years

Steffie 3 years

February 19th 2011: Steffie is moving back home again. A new picture today she is clean but need a little grooming.

Steffie 19 februari

Steffie october 2010  /  Just love that angulation ♥

Steffie 9 months old


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