Månadsarkiv: oktober 2012

Nya bilder

Vi har tagit lite nya bilder av Maggie och Pinglan idag, skall bara beskära dem lite innan jag lägger upp dem, men eftersom vi kanppt har en enda bild av Pinglan som vuxen och många undrar hur hon ser ut så kommer en första bild på henne och mig här.
Jag älskar min Pingla, men hon är i största laget 😉 ♥

Pinglan 31 oktober 2012

Maggie 31 oktober 2012

Maggie 31 oktober 2012

Sundsvall 13-14 october

Wow, what a weekend this has been, we had a simply fantastic time with friends and newfies. Thank you so much to everyone who was involved in making this such a special day. Special thanks to all the judges for appreciating our dogs! Thanks to all newfiefriends for chatting and sharing your company around the ring, as well as all the congrats. Thank you, thank you, thank you ♥

Saturday, international kennelclub show. Judge: Sølvi Schelderup, Schimos kennel, Norway.
Krambjörnen’s Moment Of Truth, 2nd best male.
Krambjörnen’s Rising Up, 3rd open class
Krambjörnen’s Magica De Hex, Best female, BOB, BOB-veteran
Krambjörnen’s High On You, exc.3 open class.
Krambjörnen’s BOB breeders group with Hexan, Robin, Bison and Jamie.

Sunday, newfspecialty. Judge: Anita Al-Bachy, Arnikarhun, Finland.
Mississippi-Missouri Quickly Superstar Best female puppy and BOS.
Mississippi-Missouri Quickly the Best, best baby, 2nd best male puppy.
Krambjörnen’s Moment Of Truth, Best male, BOB.
Krambjörnen’s Rising Up, 4th best male, reservCAC.
Krambjörnen’s Feels So Right, exc.2 in open class, CK
Krambjörnen’s High On You, 4th in open class.
Krambjörnen’s Magica De Hex, BOB veteran, 4th best female.
Krambjörnen’s Philosophia, best progenygroup, with Robin, Bison, Flisan and Jamie.
Krambjörnen’s best breedersgroup with Hexan, Robin, Bison and Flisan

BIS-final. Judge: John Jakobsen, Amoradas kennel, Norway
Mississippi-Missouri Quickly Superstar BEST IN SHOW PUPPY
Mississippi-Missouri Quickly the Best BIS 3 PUPPY
Krambjörnen’s Moment Of Truth BEST IN SHOW
Krambjörnen’s Magica De Hex BEST IN SHOW veteran.

A few pics from the show, big thanks to Birgitta Wall, Ulligårdens kennel for the photos.

We are more than proud of our own dogs, but a lot more of the topresults is actually out of Krambjörnen’s lines.
Best male saturday CACIB, 2nd best male sunday Bumbibjörnarnas Dragonfly is a son of Krambjörnen’s Navy Seal and grandson of Krambjörnen’s Let Them Whisper.
3rd best male saturday and sunday, 2 x CAC Bundsböles El Diablo, is a grandson of Krambjörnen’s Magic On A Carousel.
4th best male saturday, Yemas Aquarius, son of Krambjörnen’s Magic On A Carousel.
3rd best female saturday, best female sunday, Nordkjerns Excellent Choice, is a daughter of Krambjörnen’s Magic On A Carousel and Krambjörnen’s Opportunity.
3rd best female sunday, reservCAC, Nordkjerns Leap Of Faith, is a daughter of Krambjörnen’s Magic On A Carousel and granddaughter of Krambjörnen’s Opportunity.

Tara BIS-1 puppy

New webdesign

Working on a new design of the homepage, there will still be some changes and updates during the next days, please have patience =) Lots of things needs to be updated.

The latest news is from our trip to Slovakia, we had a fabulous time, with wonderful people and stunning newfies. Arriving home with lots of new plans for the future. We are really happy for the cooperation and looking forward to the future. Thank you Dagmar for the wonderful time, for trusting us with your babies and for your friendship.
See you soon again =o))

Time to say goodbye before the long trip back home.