Månadsarkiv: maj 2014

Österbybruk international show

We had a simply fantastic show day. Thank you so much to everyone, the owners of our dogs, our friends, judges and all the great people we have around us. Our success is all thanks to you ❤

Robin BIR, Siri BIM

Robin BIR, Siri BIM

Krambjörnen’s Moment Of Truth was best male with CACIB, BOB and BOG-4
Krambjörnen’s Light My Fire, was 2nd best male, R-CACIB
Krambjörnen’s Rolling In The Deep, won the junior class and was best female with CAC and BOS, only 13 months old.
Krambjörnen’s Fire Up My Dreams was 2nd in junior class behind her sister and ended up as 3rd best female with R-CAC, at her first official show, only 13 months.
Krambjörnen’s High On You, won the open class and ended as 4th best female.

We also went BOB Breedersgroup with absolutely super critics. Thank you so much to the judge for thinking so highly of our dogs.
Judge: Kresten Scheel, Denmark.

A few pictures from the show, more pics will be added soon.

Newfoundland with beauty and brain

Krambjörnen’s Light My Fire aka’ Chess.
Not just beauty in the showring, he’s a great working dog too. Very proud of him and his owner Maria Bergman who does an excellent job training him.
Some photos from their waterworks training.

Just be calm, I will save you <3

Just be calm, I will save you ❤


Har haft akut tidsbrist och inte hunnit uppdatera någonting, men här kommer lite utställningsresultat från april som inte blivit uppdaterat tidigare.

Rocklunda nationell utställning 27 april, Domare Kenneth Edh.
Krambjörnen’s Moment Of truth, 1 chkk, 1 bhkl, BIR/BOB
Krambjörnen’s Rolling In The Deep, exc. 2 jkk, CK, 4 btkl.

Kista internationell utställning 20 april, Domare: Birgitte Schjöth Danmark.
Krambjörnen’s Light My Fire 1 chkk, 1 bhkl, CACIB, BIM/BOS
Krambjörnen’s Moment Of Truth, 2 chkk, 2 bhkl, R-CACIB

Sundsvall nationell utställning 13 april, Domare Kurt Nilsson.
Åsforsen’s Kiara  1 btkl, CK, CERT, BIM/BOS

Åsforsen’s Kiara är en ung dotter till Krambjörnen’s Moment Of Truth. Stort grattis till alla, våra valpköpare, våra delägare, Sari & Thomas – uppfödare och ägare till Kiara och alla andra som ställer upp och gör det så bra. Tusen tack till er alla!!

Blandade foton från utställningarna i albumet nedan: