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Krambjörnen’s I Dreamed a Dream, aka’ Pinglan, out of Seabrook Cruising On Rte 66 x Krambjörnen’s Olympia My ”little” babygirl at 5 months and 2 days old. Still wet after running wild in the snow with her brother and all … Läs mer

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Another picture of one of the Cruise babies. Krambjörnen’s Rising Up, aka’ Bison pictured at 5 months with his best friend Alva. We are very proud of our Cruise and Myran litter. Just need to get some pics of Robin … Läs mer

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A little picture from our babyboy in Netherlands, thank you to his new mum and dad Sem & Tim and of corse to Annemarie for taking such good care of him =) I love this pic ❤ Kenai is out … Läs mer

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Jamie at shows

Krambjörnen’s High On You aka’ Jamie has been to some puppyshows with super result. 3 BOB, 1 BIG-1, 1 BIG-2 and 1 BIG-4. Big congratulations to Jenny Tulevall, Björnbrisens newfoundlands, we are very happy and proud of you =) Click on … Läs mer

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Grooming newfoundlands

Eric Salas has made some great videos with Penny Shubert about grooming newfies. Find them all here Grooming videos. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!!! More links to sites where you can find the equipment needed for … Läs mer

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