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Robin photos and video

Video av Robin

Happy birthday to our M-litter!

To all the babies from our M-litter we wish them a happy birthday and hope they all get spoiled with treats and lots of love. I’m sending evryone some special thoughts today as I remember the time when they were all mine back there in the whelpingbox. ♡

Here is some photos taken of Hexan – Krambjörnen’s Magica De Hex – on our walk today, not groomed this is just her natural looks =)

And a movie from her birthday, showing she still got the power ♡♡♡


Movie of Tara and Clinton

Mississippi-Missouri Quickly Superstar, aka’ Tara, 3,5 months old. Such a beautiful and well behaved girl. I love her ♥ can’t wait to bring her home.

And another one on all four sibblings, Nr 1 with blue collar is Clinton, nr 2 with orange collar is Carmen, nr 3 with pink collar is Tara (same clip as above) and nr 4 with green collar is Tina.