Mississippi-Missouri Kenneth, aka’ Kenny

After a long trip down to Europe we have finally returned home with our new familymember. 4000 km to drive, but also some great moments visiting friends on the way, so we had an awesome trip.

Kenneth was fantastic, he really has a super temperament this boy =)
And now beeing at home for more than a week we can definitly say he is stunning, he is living with all the newfies without problems, like he has been here all his life.
Thank you soo much Dagmar for making this dream come true.

Mississippi-Missouri Kenneth, aka´ Kenny

3 tankar på “Mississippi-Missouri Kenneth, aka’ Kenny

  1. Piretto Inläggets författare

    Yes, I know my closet doors needs to be cleaned =) will have a hard job cleaning before christmas. But at least you can see the newfies lives in the house with us =)

    1. Piretto Inläggets författare

      Haha, ja fast du skall se hur dom ser ut efter en regnig tur i skog o på leråkrar 🙂 det är då man inser exakt hur skitiga dom svarta är egentligen 😉
      Fast jag kan inte vara utan en vit/svart, jag tar den extra pälsvården, men då måste dom se ut som nuffar o inte som landseer =)



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