Månadsarkiv: januari 2011

Specialtyshow 15/1 2011

Robin & Pinglan going BOB and BOS

Our Cruise babies had a great first show only 6 months old  😉  I’m so proud of them all!!!!!
Judging the breed was Einar Paulsen, Cannonbears newfoundlands. Best In Show finals judged by Torbjörn Skaar.

Krambjörnen’s Moment of Truth ”Robin” went Best male, BOB-puppy and finally Best In Show puppy!!! Robin is coowned with Anetthe Byhlin.
Krambjörnen’s I Dreamed A Dream ”Pinglan” went Best female, BOS-puppy and BIS-2 puppy. My precious girl!!!!
Krambjörnen’s High On You ”Jamie”, 2nd best female and BIS-3 puppy. Owner Jenny Tulevall, Björnbrisens newfoundlands.
Krambjörnen’s Rising Up ”Bison”, 2nd best male and BIS-4 puppy. Owner Maria Bergman.

Krambjörnen’s Magica De Hex ”Hexan”, winning the championclass, going best female and BOS. Totally out of coat and now close to 7 years but she is still going strong and loving the show and the competition 🙂
Krambjörnen’s Magic On A Carousel ”Montoya”, also winning the championclass and finally 2nd best male.

Bumbibjörnarnas Dragonfly ”Nemo”, going Best male and Best In Show only 15 months old. We are sending big congratulations to his owner Louise Hagström. Very well done!! But most of all I would like to thank Gunvy Andersson, Gasparis kennel for this big success. Without you Nemo or his mother wouldn’t be in this world. Thanks to your beliefs and sacrifices this was possible. I can not thank you enough for believing in my newfies and loving them, and thank you for all the fun we have had through the years.
Nemo is the son of Krambjörnen’s Navy Seal ”Joey” and Nemos mother Gasparis Endless Love is the daughter of Krambjörnen’s Let them Whisper ”Jaffa” and Spring Creeks Go to Fairweathers. Some great dogs!!!!

So thank you everyone, my beautiful dogs, my friends, my family, our judges and all our fantastic puppy buyers and coowners for the support and all help you always give me. I can’t thank you enough!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you all!!!

5:e året i rad

Hexan är återigen vinstrikaste tik i Sverige, för 5:e året i rad. Tack alla ni som stöttat och trott på oss, som supportat och hejat på oss, extra tack till alla er som funnits där bakom kulisserna i vått och torrt.
Och tack alla utställare för allt trevligt sällskap runt utställningsringarna.

Vi hade tänkt avsluta hennes utställningskarriär med 5:e segern, men eftersom Hexan själv inte verkar hålla med oss kanske vi försöker med ett 6:e år också =)
Sedan blir det veteranringarna 2012.

Krambjörnens Magica De Hex


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