Some updates

After a great loss it feels like you can not feel happiness again and nothing will ever be the same, and it will not. Our girl will always be missed but she will live on in our hearts and thoughts, through her children and other family, and the only thing that is sure is that life goes on. Even here, there has been some things going on while we were grieving, and still are. 😥 💔 😥

First of all we have a new danish and nordic champion. Krambjörnen’s Moment Of Truth aka’ Robin, got his CAC, at the specialty show in Mosede Fort, Denmark. He was nr 3 in championclass and nr 3 best male. Judge: Monika Åkesson, Cle Bas Kennel.
Very happy moment, se some photos in albums below.

And this weekend, Krambjörnen’s Light My Fire aka’ Chess, with owner Maria Bergman, got his last CAC earning his Swedish champion title, also going 3rd best male, only 25 months old, at the swedish specialty in Sundsvall. Judge: Joao Vasco Pocas, Portugal.
Se photos in album below.

And also some happy news from Norway, Krambjörnen’s Hey Soul Sister (littersister of Chess) is confirmed pregnant with a huge litter out of the handsome boy Pomm Teddys Abrax Parming. We are so happy for Inger Cecilie with family, Kamperhaugbamsens newfoundlands. See photos of parents in album below.

Robin at Mosede Fort, danish specialty

Chess new Swedish champion

Trulte and Max, the future parents


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