National show Alfta

Krambjörnen’s Moment Of Truth, wins the champion class, BOB, BOG-1
Krambjörnen’s Light My Fire, 2nd in champion class.
Krambjörnen’s High On You, winner of open class, 3rd best female.
Krambjörnen’s Fire Up My Dreams, winner of junior class, 4th best female.
Krambjörnen’s Fire Up My Heart, 2nd in junior class behind her sister.
Krambjörnen’s BOB breedersgroup.
Thanks to the judges: Maija Heinilä, breed judge, Anita Whitmarsh, group judge.
By the way, this is the second year in a row that Robin wins the group in Alfta.

Some pictures from the show, and from the BIS-final. Photos: Birgitta Wall, Camilla Folke

And can I resist saying something about photoshop? Of course not, some photos have been lightened up, but as usually no altering with the dogs in pictures. 

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