New results arrived from Laboklin, and Krambjörnen’s Light My Fire aka’ Chess is not recessive brown. That makes things a bit less complicated for us =)

Patient identification: Dog          Male           * 25.08.11 ­
                        Newfoundland                           ­
Owner / Animal-ID:      Bergman, Maria                         ­
Type of sample:         EDTA-Blood                             ­
Date sample was taken:  27-01-2016                             ­

Parameter               Value                  Reference value

Name:                   Chess                                                              
Stud book no.:      SE 56723/2011                                                          
Chip no.:           977200008171335                                                        
Tattoo no.:              —                                                               

B-locus (Coat color brown) – PCR

Result: genotype B/B

Interpretation: The dog is a non-carrier of the genetic mutation
that is responsible for the brown coat color (b).
The dog can not pass the ”b” mutation onto its offspring.
The currently known mutations that are responsible for the
brown coat color were analyzed.





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