Vännäs 16 juni

Krambjörnen’s Heaven’s On Fire, ”Nova”, winner of junior class with ck only 10 months old, then going best bitch with CAC, BOB and finally Best In Show.
Grandbear Wow Hot Incognito, ”Yoshi”, winner of open class with ck, then winning best male with CAC and then BOS and finally going Best In Show-3.

We had a fabulous time at the specialty show in Vännäs this weekend. Wonderful weather, wonderful friends and a great time. After a long break from showing we decided to take a little vacation and just enjoy the time and train our young dogs.
And we could not wish for a better outcome or a bigger surprise. So proud of my babygirl and her father. They truly enjoyed the whole trip and the ring time.
Thank you so much to judge: Nils Molin, for appreciating our dogs. And thank you to the organizing team for all the nice prices and a great showday with nice atmosphere.

We didn’t get any good photos from the show, but here she is, soaking wet after her bath, before the show 🙂 


En bild på supernovan genomblöt efter badet, innan utställningen 🙂

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