Shownews from Holland, Norway and Sweden

Krambjörnen’s Eye Of The Tiger, Kenai,  (Ch. Seabrook Cruising On Rte 66 x Krambjörnen’s Philosophia) last weekend he went to his first specialtyshow, going 2nd best male puppy. Today he went to his first international show in Holland and this time going BOB puppy and ending the day winning BEST IN SHOW puppy.
Big congratulations to Kenai and his owners family van Dijk, we are so proud of you!!! 😉

Krambjörnen's Eye Of The Tiger, Kenai with his daddy Tim Van Dijk

Kenais sister Jamie, Krambjörnen’s High On You, also had a nice weekend, going BOB at an allbreed puppyshow. Not placed in the group, judge thought she moved too well to be a newfoundland =O  Very proud of her as well!!! Congratulations Jenny =)

Also today SEUCH, NUCH Yema’s Aquarius ”Reemus” finished his Norwegian Championship and going 2nd best male in Harstad, Norway. We are very proud of this son of Krambjörnen’s Magic On A Carousel ”Montoya”. Big congratulations to his owner Ann and Reemus!!!!

And last but not least, Bumbibjörnarnas Dragonfly, son of Krambjörnen’s Navy Seal and also grandson to Krambjörnen’s Let Them Whisper, with flying colors going Best male with CAC and CACIB at Malmö international dogshow.  Big congratulations Lollo and Nemo, very well done =)

We hope to have some pics of Jamie, Reemus and Nemo later =) We are soooo proud of you all!!!!

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