Dagsarkiv: 1 april, 2013

Happy birthday to our M-litter!

To all the babies from our M-litter we wish them a happy birthday and hope they all get spoiled with treats and lots of love. I’m sending evryone some special thoughts today as I remember the time when they were all mine back there in the whelpingbox. ♡

Here is some photos taken of Hexan – Krambjörnen’s Magica De Hex – on our walk today, not groomed this is just her natural looks =)

And a movie from her birthday, showing she still got the power ♡♡♡


Stockholm international 30/3 2013

Krambjörnen’s Light My Fire, exc. 1 intermediate class, 4th best male
Krambjörnen’s Moment Of Truth, exc.1 championclass, 2nd best male
Krambjörnen’s Rising Up, exc.2 championclass.
Krambjörnen’s High On You, exc. 2, ck, open class.
Krambjörnen’s Magica De Hex, exc.1 veteranclass, best female, BOS, BOB-veteran and BIS-4 veteran.
Krambjörnen’s BOB breedersgroup.
Breedjudge: Hans Lehtinen, Veteran BIS judge: Göran Bodegård

Krambjörnen's Magica De Hex, 9 years

Krambjörnen’s Magica De Hex, 9 years